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Mount Ehinger

Home to a certain strange fellow...

Miles of space and it’s emptier here than all I’ve known before

Mount Ehinger is a one-man music-making machine from Atlanta, GA. His name is Trey Smith. He is a young man with a dream. He holds his nose to the grindstone and is a bring-his-lunchbox-to-work, go-getting sort of fellow. Mount Ehinger is inspired by a desire to leave some sort of mark on the world, no matter how small.

Bands from which Mount Ehinger draws inspiration (instrumentally, lyrically and morally): The Chariot, Tom Waits, Clutch, Wovenhand, Dying Fetus, and any other group that has ever sold more than four albums. Things he likes: Reading science fiction, attending live shows, playing fetch with his cat, crafting ill-concealed metaphors about depression and life amongst the velocities of space.

Incubator-Jones (lyric video)

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